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"Culture just seems to be in the air, like part of the weather." This is what the known American journalist and author of the American Book Award winner, The Right Stuff (1979), Tom Wolfe, said about New York and the vast culture and contemporary life it cultivates in its borders.

In New York, USA, music, entertainment, and almost all the kinds of art, are in its fullest bloom. It is the home of the Carnegie Hall, one of the most popular musical halls in the world, and the established Metropolitan Museum of Art. This is the reason why not even a second of your time will be wasted when you’re in NYC – you will be too busy to attend after six social gatherings, art collection openings, and/or elegant parties. You can also fill your eyes with the different proms and wedding celebrations there since New York is also a popular spot for these kinds of occasions.

When attending those special gatherings such as a wedding or prom, you must consider making yourself as presentable as what New York and its culture offers you – you need to think about having a formal wear tuxedo or dress, and formal wear tuxedo accessories in your cabinet. Formal wear rentals in NY? Purchase tailored men’s suits? Abe’s Formal Wear is here to aid you.

Abe’s Formal Wear is the best one stop shop for formal wears, cocktail dresses and tuxedos – either for rental or retail. We are the only formal wear shop in New York to personally buy our formal wears, tuxedos, and formal wear accessories straight from their best manufacturers. Don’t worry about our prices since we maintain it to the most affordable price possible.  We offer the following formal wears in our shop:

-Tuxedo: Rental/Purchase
-Dinner Jackets
-Formal Pants
-Formal Shirts
-Vest and Ties
-Formal shoes
-Formal jewelries
-Men’s suits